On November 7, The University of Chicago held its annual Wanxiang Ambassador Fellows Program Symposium. This symposium highlights clean energy work done by University of Chicago students based on their summers studying in Hangzhou, China, through the Wanxiang Ambassador Fellows Program. The program is supported by Wanxiang Group, one of the largest private Chinese companies, under the auspices of the 100,000 Strong initiative, an initiative to improve US China relations through study abroad in China. The initiative is led by the US China Strong Foundation.

This was the fifth year of the Wanxiang Ambassador Fellows Program at the University of Chicago. Twenty four University of Chicago students participated this year in Hangzhou, where in addition to learning Chinese language and culture they received an education in clean energy. They used this education to undertake clean energy research projects on a variety of topics. Among the clean energy topics covered in presentations were hydrogen fuel cells, rare earth materials, and lithium batteries. Daniel Li of Wanxiang America Corporation attended the event, where he gave remarks to share the story of how the program was founded by Dr. Lu Guanqiu, the Chairman of Wanxiang Group who sadly passed away last month. Chairman Lu, who founded Wanxiang as a bicycle repair shop with $500 and grew it into a $23 billion company, began supporting the 100,000 Strong initiative as part of his vision to improve US-China relationship by supporting exchanges among members of younger generations in each country.


The US-China Strong Foundation

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