21 October 2017


We are pleased to announce a new partnership with East-West Center (EWC) to provide 10 of our Student Ambassadors the opportunity to contribute to the Center’s “Asia Matters for America” website for the duration of their yearlong term as Student Ambassadors.

Selected USCS Student Ambassadors provide 3 seasonal essays responding to prompts soliciting insights on their experiences—and lessons learned— while studying abroad in China. Each week a different student’s essay will be shared on the EWC Asia Matters for America website.


Below is our first cohort of USCS-EWC gust contributors alongside their current or former nominating institutions:


Katherine Seiter, 15

Hopkins School


Czar Carson, 16

Chicago Public School Confucius Institute


Natalie Dabkowski, 18

2015-2016 Student Ambassador alumna

Wanxiang America Corporation


Citlali Blanco, 17

Chicago Public Schools Confucius Institute


Travis Gidado, 27

Yenching Academy of Peking University


Isabella Greene, 33

2016-2017 Student Ambassador alumna



Mia Sloan, 14

Yale-China Association


Jayda Grissett, 17

Chicago Public Schools Confucius Institute


Jeanie Fung, 17



Eryne Jenkins, 17

Delaware Department of Education