Secretary Kerry Says ‘Sky Is the Limit’ for Campaign’s ‘Promising Ambitious Goal’

BEIJING – (June 8, 2016) – The US-China Strong Foundation, a global nonprofit committed to strengthening US-China relations, officially launched its 1 Million Strong campaign in China during the 7th Annual US-China Consultation on People-to-People Exchange (CPE) in Beijing.

“Last September, our two presidents embraced an even more promising ambitious goal to have 1 million Americans studying Mandarin by the year 2020,” said US Secretary of State John Kerry, who led the CPE with Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong. “We’re not there yet, but I have no doubt that we’re going to get there. And the number of U.S. students already learning Mandarin is 10 times what it was only 10 years ago. So if we can maintain that pace, the sky – literally, the sky is the limit on what we will achieve.”

“We’ve seen fantastic progress on 1 Million Strong since its November launch in the United States and are even more excited to see the campaign take off in China,” said Carola McGiffert, CEO of US-China Strong. “1 Million Strong – which seeks to grow the number of US K-12 students learning Mandarin to 1 million by 2020 – allows us to focus on our youngest students, creating a pipeline of Americans who have a deeper understanding of China.”

The Chinese launch of 1 Million Strong comes on the heels of US-China Strong’s rebrand on June 6 at the CPE, where McGiffert announced that the organization – previously known as the 100,000 Strong Foundation – would be renamed the US-China Strong Foundation.

Also announced at the CPE was a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between US-China Strong and The Asia Society, under which the two will partner to spread Mandarin language learning in the United States. In addition, the Foundation announced its support for “Food, Fashion, Fun,” the newest project by Jessica Beinecke, creator of Crazy Fresh Chinese and OMG! Meiyu, whose blog is designed to inspire young Americans and Chinese to deepen their understanding of each other’s language and culture.

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