Ford & 100K

Dear Friends,

We are excited to kick off 2016 with a major new grant from the Ford Foundation! Ford has confirmed that it will contribute an additional $1 million to help stand up our new 1 Million Strong initiative.

1 Million Strong, which was announced by Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping in September 2015, calls for 1 million students in K-12 schools across the country to learn Mandarin by 2020 – a fivefold increase from current numbers. The initiative builds on our work to create a pipeline of young Americans who have a deep understanding of Chinese language and culture.

“We hope others across all sectors will join in creating more equitable opportunities for young Americans to study Mandarin,” said Ford Foundation President Darren Walker. “In this increasingly globalized world, learning foreign languages like Mandarin are critical to providing our youth with the tools to succeed academically and professionally.”

This is the third grant that the Ford Foundation has made in support of the 100K Strong Foundation. In fact, Ford helped to establish 100K Strong with seed funding in 2013 and has consistently supported our work ever since. We are deeply grateful to President Walker for his personal commitment to 100K Strong and for his efforts to encourage other philanthropic organizations to grow Mandarin language learning in diverse communities across the country by matching the Ford grant.

Thanks to the Ford Foundation and supporters like you, we can expect great things in 2016!

Thanks, as always, for your support.

Carola McGiffert
President & CEO