US-China Scholars, Experts Contribute to “Obama-Xi Summit: What Happened & What Comes Next in US-China Relations”


Washington, DC – October 29, 2015 – The 100,000 Strong Foundation, a national nonprofit dedicated to increasing the number of US students studying in China and learning Mandarin, today released a signature report that analyzes the results of the recent state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to the United States and their implications for the future.

“We are proud to release ‘Obama-Xi Summit: What Happened & What Comes Next in US-China Relations,’ our second annual report highlighting the importance of the US-China relationship,” said Carola McGiffert, CEO of 100,000 Strong. “With contributions from thought leaders in the US-China field, this report highlights progress made during the recent Obama-Xi summit, as well as areas of continued contention. Underlying each of the issues addressed in this volume is the urgent need to deepen people-to-people ties, which is the fundamental mission of the 100,000 Strong Foundation.”

In addition to addressing issues such as climate change and cybersecurity, during the state visit Obama and Xi Jinping also launched the 1 Million Strong Initiative, which aims to increase fivefold the number of US K-12 students studying Mandarin by 2020, from 200,000 to 1 million. In 2009, 100,000 Strong began working toward its initial goal – to see 100,000 students studying in China and learning Mandarin within a five-year period – which it accomplished in 2014.

“With the help of 1 Million Strong,” added McGiffert, “we will gain an enhanced understanding of China, as will China of the US, allowing both nations to build a stronger, more productive relationship for the future.”

The report includes contributions from scholars at a variety of influential institutions, including Brookings Institution, Center for Strategic & International Studies, Council on Foreign Relations, Center for American Progress, Laurel Strategies, National Bureau of Asian Research, Rhodium Group, and Peking University.

Please click [here] to view the report.

About the 100,000 Strong Foundation

The 100,000 Strong Foundation is a bipartisan non-profit that has been endorsed by the US and Chinese governments. The Foundation’s mission is to strengthen the US-China relationship by dramatically increasing the number and diversity of US students studying in China and learning Mandarin. We are dedicated to ensuring our next generation of leaders is prepared to compete, collaborate and succeed in a world in which China plays a central role.


Media contact: Alex Sollberger, Podesta Group