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Last month you had the opportunity to learn more about Yumna Naqvi, one of our Student Ambassadors from New Jersey. This week I’d like you to meet Sarah Steffens from the University of Iowa.

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Sarah Steffens

Sarah Steffens, 100K Strong Student Ambassador

Sarah lived in Beijing with her family until she was three years old, so her love for Mandarin started early. Though she returned to full-time English when she moved to Roselle, Illinois, family trips to China over the years rekindled her interest–so much so that she ultimately dropped an intended music major at the University of Iowa because it conflicted with her plans to study in China. Now she’s pursuing a double major in Chinese and International Studies.

Sarah spent the summer of 2012 studying in Tianjin and studied at Shanghai Jiao Tong University for a full academic year in 2013. She recently began a collaboration to edit US-China friendship songs—a project that speaks to two of Sarah’s passions: “I’m really excited about this opportunity to finally be able to combine my love for Chinese and music,” she says. This summer, Sarah is back in Shanghai as a business development intern with Dulwich College International. She looks forward to returning to China again after graduating in December 2015!

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Carola McGiffert
President & CEO