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Meet Yumna Naqvi, one of our most exceptional 100K Strong Student Ambassadors! Yumna is just one of our 200+(and counting!) Student Ambassadors, who hail from over 30 states around the country and who come from a wide range of economic and ethnic backgrounds.

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Yumna Naqvi

Yumna Naqvi, 100K Strong Student Ambassador

A high schooler from Plainfield, New Jersey, Yumna studies Mandarin through an Asia Society Confucius Institute Classroom and has received a full scholarship to spend this next year studying with School Year Abroad in Beijing. Although Yumna has a passion for all things Chinese, including baking homemade mooncakes, Yumna has been a bit nervous about visiting China because she isn’t sure how her religion will be perceived. “I wear a scarf and pray five times a day,” she says. “Having this kind of background has made me wary about traveling to another country.” Yumna is taking the plunge, and we are confident that she will not only gain a great deal from her experience, but will teach her new Chinese friends about the diverse fabric of American society.

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Carola McGiffert
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