Dear Friends,

The 100,000 Strong Foundation was honored to participate in this week’s 6th Annual US-China Consultation on People-to-People Exchange (CPE) in Washington, DC. The CPE, which is chaired by Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice Premier Liu Yandong, is the premier bilateral vehicle for deepening ties between Americans and Chinese through education, sports, technology, health and other critical areas. The forum is the appropriate complement to the US-China Strategic & Economic Dialogue (S&ED), which took place concurrently and addressed critical issues such as cyber security, the South China Sea and currency issues, among others. These high-level meetings are two sides of the same coin — the S&ED focuses on addressing the key challenges and opportunities of today while the CPE focuses on creating the ties that will shape the future of US-China relations.

Biden and Liu

US Vice President Joe Biden and Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong

We were particularly delighted that the 100,000 Strong Foundation played a central role in the CPE. 100K Strong was the only non-governmental effort cited by the State Department as one of the major players in promoting US-China educational exchange. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, “With support from this consultation, the 100,000 Strong Foundation, Fulbright, Gilman, and countless other initiatives are helping our next generation of leaders develop a deeper understanding of China and the United States.” Along with Steve Schwarzman of the Blackstone Group and David Yang of the NBA, I was only one of a handful of non-government stakeholders invited to speak at the event, and we had a number of opportunities to interact directly with Madame Liu, the leading champion in China for 100K Strong.

We also had the opportunity to make a number of announcements about progress made since the 5th Annual CPE in Beijing last July. Click here to read our list of accomplishments for 2014-15.

Huge thanks to our friends in the US and Chinese governments for continuing to embrace the 100K Strong mission, which was born out of the inaugural CPE in May 2010. We are grateful for the support of the top leaders and their staff in both countries, and other key stakeholders who are helping make the vision of 100K Strong a reality.


Carola McGiffert
President & CEO