Dear Friends,

It’s been a terrific week for the 100,000 Strong Foundation. On Wedneday night, US Ambassador Max Baucus hosted a reception at his residence in Beijing to celebrate the 100,000 Strong Foundation’s new partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce in China.

“This partnership reflects the critical importance of people-to-people exchange as well as the strategic significance of continuing to promote engagement and awareness of China in American youth through education,” said AmCham China Chairman James Zimmerman.


Ambassador Baucus applauded the new partnership as an investment in the future, saying, “The future of the US-China relationship lies with our young people, and how they will manage the most pressing strategic and economic challenges of their time. Aligning US business interests with deepening people-to-people ties is a smart investment for the US economy and job growth. The strategic partnership between the 100,000 Strong Foundation and AmCham China will reap significant benefits for American companies, American workers and the future of US-China relations.”

Areas of cooperation between the 100,000 Strong Foundation and AmCham China will include co-hosting events such as the Foundation’s Annual Conference and the AmCham China American Ball, high-profile participation in the annual U.S.-China Consultation on People-to-People Exchange (CPE), joint events with the U.S. Embassy and Chinese government, as well as internships and scholarships.

We look forward to working with AmCham China to expand the 100K Strong footprint in China and help create shared value for its members.


Carola McGiffert
President & CEO