Dear Friends,

The 100,000 Strong Foundation is excited to announce its partnership with Crazy Fresh Chinese, a new platform that helps young Americans learn daily Mandarin slang.

Jessica Beinecke, host and owner of this new cross-cultural online platform, posts daily 30-second videos and blog posts teaching Mandarin slang.  After watching one episode, you’ll see just how easy it is to learn conversational Chinese with Jessica, also known by her Chinese name “Bai Jie 白洁.”

Crazy Fresh Chinese is a critical part of the Foundation’s grassroots effort to build demand for Mandarin language learning among young Americans across the United States. By making Mandarin accessible and fun for students of all ages and from all backgrounds, Bai Jie is helping 100K Strong achieve its mission.

Find out how chose his Chinese name on today’s episode of Crazy Fresh Chinese!

We are thrilled to support Bai Jie and hope you will take 30 seconds to learn a new Chinese word!

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Thanks for your support,

Carola McGiffert
President & CEO