Seven students attended my presentation at Cheyney University. I started off by showing the Official 100,000 Strong Foundation Video. After the video, I proceeded to share the reason that I am a student ambassador for this program and why this program is so very important for the persistence of our education and our future. I briefly went over the mission and history of the foundation. I also showed them the scholarships on the website. I briefly went over each scholarship, spending some time on the Critical Language Scholarship because I applied this year for that scholarship. I, thoroughly, went over the Boren, Fulbright, and Gilman scholarships for those who weren’t interested just in China alone, but wants to study abroad somewhere. After I informed them of the scholarships, I went into the experience that I had at the inaugural conference and the panels that we heard from and especially the wise words spoken by the Chinese Vice Premier. And to end my presentation, I told them about the US-China Summit that will be happening at the end of May. I gave them all the contact information for both the 100K Strong Foundation and the World Strides company, so they could contact someone if they were interested.

Name: Travonya Kenly

Student Ambassador

School in the United States: Cheyney University, Cheyney, PA