Dear Friends,

As we approach the first anniversary of the launch of the 100,000 Strong Foundation, we have been working on developing additional tools to help our supporters spread the word about the Foundation and its mission. One such tool we have embraced is video, which we will be using more of as we continue to grow as an organization.

This summer, we released the official 100,000 Strong Foundation video, which now has nearly 2,000 views on YouTube and helps us to show the story of the 100,000 Strong movement. The video presents a compelling overview of the organization, and was designed to speak to a wide audience.

I am happy today to share three additional videos with you that dive a little deeper into specific facets of our mission: the economic importance of the US-China relationship and the need for increased diversity in study abroad.

The first video features Ed Rapp, a group president and executive office member of Caterpillar Inc., a proud supporter of the 100,000 Strong Foundation’s mission. In the piece, Ed offers his unique business perspective on our mission, and eloquently explains why student exchange and increased cultural understanding between the US and China is critical to our economic future.

Ed calls the 100,000 Strong Foundation “an extremely worthy cause that enhances American competitiveness and prepares our next generation of American leaders for a world in which US-China collaboration is absolutely essential.”

The second video comes from the Foundation, which has partnered with the UCLA Confucius Institute and the 100,000 Strong Foundation to bring Mandarin classes and study abroad opportunities to the students of Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles. The video features the unique Chinese Alive! Program, which incorporates music and performing arts into the teaching of Mandarin language.

The program also offers students the chance to spend a summer in Beijing in an immersive cultural experience that develops their leadership skills and broadens their world view. As says, “learning Mandarin and studying in China can be transformative. This program will give kids from my neighborhood the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Finally, I wanted to share the video recording from a particularly memorable portion of our November 21 conference, in which a few of our new 100,000 Strong student ambassadors spoke alongside some of their Chinese counterparts on a panel moderated by Ford Foundation President Darren Walker. The students spoke eloquently about their personal study abroad experiences and how it has affected their lives and career paths. As we’ve said before, these students are our best spokespersons and give us great hope for the future of the US-China relationship.

AU Conference

Please take a moment to watch these videos and share them with your individual networks and on your social media profiles. I hope you find them to be useful tools as we continue to work to spread the word about our important organization.

Thanks as always for your support,

Carola McGiffert
President & CEO