Dear Friends,

This week I am pleased to announce that Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO and Co-founder of Blackstone, a leading global asset management firm, has joined the 100K Strong Foundation’s Advisory Council. Steve is a renowned business leader, philanthropist and entrepreneur, and I know he’ll lend the Foundation unique perspective as we work to further its mission of strengthening the US-China strategic relationship through Mandarin study and study abroad.

In case you haven’t heard about it already, earlier this year Steve launched the Schwarzman Scholars Program, modeled after the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship program. Steve has personally invested $100 million to create the program and pledged to raise another $200 million from private donors. The Schwarzman Scholars Program seeks to provide scholarships to 200 Master’s degree students from around the world each year at Tsinghua University in Beijing, beginning in 2016. This is the largest international charitable effort in China’s history, and we are honored to be working with Steve and his team.

Steve recognizes the important role study abroad plays in developing mutual trust and understanding between cultures. The Schwarzman Scholars Program is the perfect complement to the mission of the 100K Strong Foundation, which seeks to empower a new generation of leaders and arm them with the knowledge and skills to chart the future of the US-China relationship.

I am so grateful to Steve and the rest of the Advisory Council for lending their time and expertise to this important effort. I look forward to the accomplishments we will achieve together in the coming months and years.

I’ll have more exciting updates to share with you soon.

Thanks for your continued support,

Carola McGiffert
President & CEO