Michelle Mak

“China is quite possibly the most exciting place in the world to be right now. The changes that are occurring here are happening at an unbelievable pace. I absolutely love it here because it’s totally different from life in America, but you still feel completely at home at the same time.”

After six months in Shanghai, my eyes opened to the world beyond my Californian bubble.  Shanghai is the epitome of a melting pot so everywhere you go, you will meet someone from a different country, with a different opinion, and a different lifestyle. Being in this city is like getting an introduction to the rest of the world. You will be more cultured, educated, and experienced after studying here.

Name: Michelle Mak

Hometown: Temple City, CA

School in the United States: University of California, Santa Barbara

Where and when did you study in China: Shanghai, Summer and Fall semesters 2012